Introducing: That New New Radio

Please allow us to introduce to you a Quit Rich child project: That New New Radio

That New New Radio was created out of love for new music! We want to support artists while bringing attention to the humanitarian efforts being done by Quit Rich. The idea for the radio station started back in 2014 when two friends who loved music decided to create a website called Always[sic]. This website quickly gained attention and was a great place for people to get lyrics to new music. We featured undiscovered and popular artists alike as well as lyrics directly from the artists themselves. The two friends eventually discovered an app called Anchor and created stations there only to fall in love with the app and its possibilities for the future. This led to the next incarnation of Always[sic]: That New New Radio.

We use the anchor platform to showcase new music as it comes out and have featured artists that we believe are making a large impact on us. Through interviews with up an coming talent we believe we can provide a platform and introduction for artists to interact with their fans through the Anchor platform. The music we air on our station is also being added to Spotify playlists so those who are not on Anchor can enjoy the music.

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That New New Radio 2017 Playlist

This is our 2017 playlists that is just over 1000 songs as of November 24th, 2017. Every song has been aired at least once on That New New Radio via Anchor. In the widget below you can enjoy the first 200 tracks on this playlist and if you’d like to hear more you can open the playlist in Spotify and Follow it.

Featured Artists 2017

This playlist is the artists we featured in 2017. Each year will have its own playlist and each month a new featured artists will be showcased.

How does That New New Radio support Quit Rich?

Any attention that these radio stations may gain will be used to highlight support for Quit Rich. Any ad revenue from its stations will also be directed towards support for Quit Rich.

Other New New Radio Stations

Stand Up Comedy

This is a radio station created for those who love stand up comedy. It features comedians that are all time greats and up and comers looking to make a name for themselves.

Welcome to Anchor

Because Anchor is a trending app we thought it would be beneficial to have a tutorial station created to help those who are starting their own Anchor stations.

Country Music on Anchor

Anchor’s first Country Music station! This station was created to introduce people to the Country Music world as well as provide current fans with a station to play during their daily grind.

Quit Rich

This station was created for the Quit Rich to showcase the financial education being taught in the Project itself. This station is also broadcasted in podcast form to several online outlets.


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