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It’s been a crazy journey building this project from concept to what you see right now. A lot of trial and error. A lot of determination to see it through to completion. As we’ve progressed the execution has become better and better. I can finally say I’m seeing progress in the project. At some point I wanted to offer Patreon as an avenue for those that would like to support Quit Rich. I started the Patreon account back in May 2017 but didn’t do much with it while I focused on building out site content and social media content. To make a long story short: I’ve been creating the pillars this company will be built upon, the creation methods for content, and the marketing for distributing our progress out to every corner of the internet. That took me about 6 months and now I can realistically offer a Patreon effort.

Below is a letter I wrote to patrons, please read it and if you feel inclined to do so: support us through Patreon.

A letter from the creator of The Quit Rich Project:

Randy Tolson letter to Patreon patrons
Hello my name is Randy!

I am just a normal nerdy guy who wasn’t supposed to learn how people built wealth and sustained it. My family has struggled to survive and I’ve been a single father for nearly a decade raising my children full-time without support. It has been hard. Over the years I have struggled to provide for my children and moved from one job to another trying to earn as much money as I could. Before I had to take care of my children alone, I was going to college and trying to get a degree in Computer Science. I liked building websites so it made sense to try to get into that field.

Midway through getting my associates and transfer credits to the U of A I had to stop going. I had schedule conflicts between jobs and classes and neither the school or workplace would budge. This caused me to be late to classes that were incredibly difficult which crippled my test performances. After failing to balance full time kids, full time work, divorce court that never ended, school, and trying to emotionally recover from divorce I had to let one ball I was juggling go: school. The student loan debt remained and nothing to show for it but a hole that I’m not sure I’ll ever climb out of.

I can’t explain to you how humbling the experience of taking care of a household full-time by myself was and I really didn’t know how these single mothers did it and still stayed sane, let alone accomplished school at the same time.

If they could do it so could I.

So, I doubled down on working my butt off to get recognized at work which unfortunately only made those “next in line” upset and created politics that I never intended. Needless to say, working my butt off never paid off in the corporate world. I couldn’t bring myself to play the work politics either, which seemed to be the only way I saw people move up.

Over the years I worked many jobs in many roles but eventually I had a once in a lifetime opportunity land on my lap. I was working to help a small business owner clean up his office and organize paperwork. After his probing questions about trends that I noticed in the past and current products that I thought were going to be a big deal for consumers I was given the chance to do something that usually requires an expensive degree: get a professional license. To know what I went through to obtain that bad boy just watch The Pursuit of Happyness except I hit my knees and cried when I passed the grueling test of my endurance. Or you can check out the flash cards of information that is tested on.

It was two years of my life, and I’ve never been screamed at by another human being more. I’m still grateful to this day that it is over.

Getting into the financial industry was never in my plans and I feel there was a lot of irony in me working in a role to make the wealthy even wealthier while I struggled in poverty and knowing my family, just like myself at the time, was not going to have anything to leave behind as an inheritance. My family was going to stay poor but I had a golden opportunity of getting into an industry that has $74 trillion, yes TRILLION worth of assets under management, and starting my climb of the greed ladder.

Once I entered the financial industry (which was by complete chance) I was infuriated to learn that the information is steadily kept away from the lower classes. I never knew that the reason wages never increased even though businesses grew to astronomical sizes was because the growth of a company was being distributed to share holders (aka wealthy America) instead of increasing the salaries of those workers. This revelation pissed me off. Now, I could have stayed in the financial industry and made more money than I deserved to, but I would have had to ignore that last fact for the rest of my days. I just couldn’t. I needed to teach everyone what I’d learned.

Everyone deserves to have the same chance as the wealthy families.

I have chosen to leave the finance industry and give this information to the world. Unfortunately for me, this means I must return to the world of entry-level corporate employment. I am dedicating all my free time, staying up late nights, and working weekends to completing this project. Up to this point I have spent what little savings I have had on paying for the website hosting and design tools while keeping my personal bills afloat. Until I can afford to take this project on as a full time job it will be a hobby that I am passionately dedicated to. I hope to find patrons on Patreon that believe in this Project and can help fund it’s creation so that I may work on it as a full time job some day.

There are SO MANY issues that come up from our collective lack of financial knowledge. This is why our wages cannot keep up with inflation, this is why people are willing to become criminals to survive, and this is why we have limited resources to help those that need it. Poverty has created so many more problems than those listed here and rather than risk sharing their financial power with everyone, those that posses this financial knowledge that can save so many from suffering have kept the knowledge secret, expensive, and practically unobtainable for the middle to lower classes.

Let me demonstrate just how disadvantaged those who use advisors are.

If those people who barely could afford the financial guidance did somehow manage to hire an advisor, they’d still be paying 1-2% of their annual growth to that advisor. This is just plain immoral and wrong. Let me give you an example of just how much potential growth that can take away from a person:

  1. If we use an individual contributing $31 every month ($1 a day) into an investment account for the course of 50 years and that account made 7% annual return for the course of those 50 years it would have $169,875.56 for the 50-year value.
  2. Try the same amount contributed each month, $31, but take 2% away from the annual growth and instead it made 5% annually, the 50-year value would be $83,073.36 which is half of what it would be without the advisor collecting fees.
  3. That very same amount contributed each month, $31, but take 1% away from the annual growth and instead it made 6% annually, the 50-year value would be $117,989.78 which is a 31% reduction in the growth of that investment account over a 50-year period.

Regardless of whether you are a wealthy individual or not, this advisory fee is very costly when it comes to your profit potential. If you had the same knowledge as the advisor, you’d be able to manage your account efficiently and not loose 31% to HALF OF YOUR MONEY!

I want nothing more than to give this financial education that we all should have learned to the American population.

Our children should be able to learn this information and be able to apply it to their adult lives from the very start. Your support by spreading the word and making any contribution, even $1, can help us make this dream a reality! No amount is too small!

There are some wonderful side effects that we believe will come from teaching financial education. One of the most noteworthy would be seeing a new generation of youth that refuses to adopt the smoking habit. We are strongly committed to use Quit Rich to teach children that the smoking habit can cost someone $1.9 million dollars. This is done by comparing what it costs to smoke cigarettes to what those funds could do in the financial markets instead. There will be many other of these “side effects” that we will be promoting but this is what we chose to start with and one we feel desperately needs to be spread for our children and yours.

Thank you for your love, support, and sharing the good news with your loved ones. This victory belongs to us all. Thank you Patreon for giving us an opportunity to be supported monthly.

Sincerely: Thank You,
Randy Tolson
Founder of Quit Rich

P.S. If you have any suggestions to what you would like to be offered on Patreon as rewards for support please contact us. We are new to Patreon and currently I am the only one maintaining everything, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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