Welcome to the QR Clothing Brand Online Store!

First, welcome to our merchandise store which uses QR codes as a marketing strategy. These codes can be scanned by using a smart phone app. For instance, many major brands such as Apple and Google have already incorporated a QR code scanner in their camera apps. Check your phone to see if it has this awesome feature! Once scanned, the code will lead a person to the latest โ€œSeasonโ€ of Quit Rich content. That’s because Seasons are considered expansions of the content we offer at Quit Rich and we want our audience to see the latest stuff first. With each new Season, we release a new QR logo. For example: our current Season logo is “Good vs Evil?”

Artist Collaborations

Be sure to check the descriptions of the QR Clothing Brand item(s) you purchase to learn more about the Artist and Designer we collaborated with. In addition, if you are interested in submitting some artwork to be featured here please check out our Artist Collaboration page for details on how you can participate and profit-share!

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