At the start of 2019 I began to document (via podcast) my journey of quitting smoking. It is now the #1 Quit Smoking podcast on all major platforms. Here’s where you can listen:

Some backstory about me:

I have smoked for 22 years of my life and had spent a lot of that time attempting to quit. I was always in the mindset I would just put it down at 25 and other people who couldn’t kick the habit were just weak. Boy was I wrong about both of those assumptions. Nicotine was a force to be reckoned with and the daily psychological pairings I developed were very deep. And there was always a stressful event that would break my willpower every time I attempted to kick the habit.

The missing piece…

It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that I had came up with the logic that my brain personally needed to accept/justify a full year of quitting. I decided that if this is something that I am going to do the rest of my life, which at that point seemed very likely, then I deserve and owe it to myself in this one life to see what a year without it would be like. Just one year. Up to this point I had not gone longer than 2 months without the habit since starting it at the young age of 12. That made me sad that I might live out my days without never really knowing the difference.

It is time to find out!

Determined to be smoke free for a year I started getting myself mentally prepared with every possible tool that helped me put smoking down for weeks. By the time my quit date came around I was not ready but just went for it. Spoiler alert: IT WAS REALLY EMOTIONALLY HARD! But it was also really easy in the way of just not smoking. I just didn’t. It hurt. It stressed me out. Until it didn’t. I went the entire 2017 with not a single cigarette! By the June of that year I was not even tempted to smoke and could be around my friends as they smoked without any issues. I FELT AMAZING! One of the biggest changes was my energy and motivation levels, which had me feeling like a kid again!

The Relapse

I even made it into 2018! Ah yes, this is where the inevitable happened: in April 2018 at Coachella, I relapsed. In the midst of having an awful Coachella vacation I broke down and bought a pack. At the time I was of the mindset that I needed something good to happen and I thought if I bought a pack that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal since I was extremely confident in my ability to quit. I made it over a year after all and was craving free. Ugh, I wish I hadn’t done that. To make a long story short there was reason after reason to keep smoking and I fell off the wagon.

The struggle

During 2018 I attempted to quit several times for a few months, unsuccessfully. I couldn’t figure out why I was successful in 2017 but now it was like the old times again. In the Fall of that year it dawned on me that I had not been mentally preparing myself. I was just midway through a pack trying to drop it cold turkey and was never ready. Realizing this, I set a quit date and began a mental preparation.

Back on track

I was going to allow myself to smoke until Dec 31st then it was cold turkey again! But this time I would document it. I wanted to give the world the keys to success! The craziest possible thing happened: It was easy. I was planning on recording all the stress and the pain I went through the first time I quit long term, but this time with all the mental preparation it was smooth sailing.

Success! Now we can all Quit Smoking Easily!

Just 8 months after I released the podcast to the public it has now become the #1 quit smoking podcast on almost every major podcast platform! It has been heard in all 50 of the United States as well as 102 countries across the globe have tuned in! That is 52% of the countries in the world!

We understand that not everyone has 30 days to listen to a podcast, so we recommend that at the very minimum our listeners review and listen to the 12 Pre-pisodes which cover the following tools:

      1. Podcast Reward System
      2. Quit until you quit
      3. Tobacco Atlas and Thank You For Smoking
      4. Pick a quit date
      5. Develop a Mantra
      6. Famous Smokers
      7. Triggers and Healthy Craving Alternatives
      8. Do not focus on your last cigarette
      9. Count the Hours
      10. Outsmart Yourself & Understanding relapse in a healthy way
      11. Clean everything!
      12. Talk with your loved ones

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Besides, it costs a fortune!

I’ve also created another tool to help you quit smoking easily: The Habit Calculator. This calculator showcases how much habits cost through the lens of finance using a compound interest calculation. Check out the article Quitting Smoking Could Make You A Millionaire article to learn more how compound interest works and how smoking can cost you $1.6 million dollars.