Introducing: The QR Clothing Brand Store

Here we are! Our QR Clothing Brand online store has launched! Customers can find QR Clothing store on our website here. We created this store to help promote the website and for a few other reasons. Quit Rich wanted to offer something tangible for those who didn’t feel comfortable with making donations. There was also a need to spread the word of Quit Rich and fully utilize QR code technology. Lastly, a desire to provide a brand that people actually felt good about wearing: not because it’s cool, not because it is a status symbol, but because they really believed in it!

Each item features a QR Code that can be scanned which leads the user to our free content. To start we will have a Season Zero which represents the creation of Quit Rich and QR Clothing Brand. Stay tuned for Season One content and eventually the Season One clothing catalog!

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The Movement

Educating the masses on the importance of finance is really something special. Passing this information and knowledge on to our family and loved ones and yours is essential. This is literally the keys to success in America. Being one of the first brands to dynamically be interactive with technology we are excited to bring a completely new experience to fashion.

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