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🚭 Quit Smoking With Me: A 30-Day Interactive Podcast


Overview: You don’t have to quit smoking alone, we have created this podcast to give smokers an opportunity to quit smoking with a buddy, on YOUR time!

  • Start off with our Prep-isodes where we go into deep detail on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for putting down the habit on YOUR decided quit date.
  • There are 30 daily episodes for you to listen to at the end of each day you go without nicotine.
  • Each episode is an audio log of Quit Rich creator Randy’s own 30-day journey of quitting smoking.

This is a community based podcast where listeners can call in and contribute their input.

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Something that makes our podcast special is that we are a community-based interactive experience! The idea of the podcast is to help people who are trying to quit smoking not have to go at it alone. We encourage our listeners to send us a voice message and share their experiences, comments, encouragement, questions, or tips! When you send us your voice message we are able to add the message to our episodes for future listeners to enjoy. We’re all in this together! πŸ’›

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There are several ways to support this podcast. The most effective method is by sharing us with friends and family. Just by listening to the episodes helps support the podcast because of the ad revenue. If you really REALLY love what we are doing here you can become a monthly supporter. This entails supporting the podcast financially with a monthly contribution of $0.99, $4.99, or $9.99! Our podcast will always be free and we don’t require any payment to enjoy the contents but any and all support is appreciated. πŸ’›

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