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What is Quit Rich?

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What is Quit Rich?

We are an educational based platform that intends on reducing and eventually, ending poverty. It is our belief that lack of education on crucial “life skill” subjects such as finance has contributed to and perpetuates poverty and economic inequality. Our education is designed to not only motivate everyone that follows Quit Rich to learn more but to also help them combat things that keep them oppressed such as addiction. It is also in our theory that addiction is caused from lack of opportunity and when opportunity is given to a person, they are less likely to be self-destructive. We do not believe that addiction can simply be attributed to lack of success, opportunity, or education but these tools can be used as both preventative measures as well as strength to combat addiction.

How is Quit Rich Education different from other education?

Public education rarely considers an individual’s style of learning. While some may learn best from hearing a lecture, others might retain and comprehend information better through hands-on activities, visual references, or any of the other learning styles. Most schools (due to a low teacher to student ratio) are unable to accommodate the learning styles of individual students and instead use a blend of learning styles to teach. This often causes many students to fall behind and develop crippling thoughts of self-doubt or inadequacy.

When we are developing our curriculum on a subject, we want to teach it in as many different learning styles as possible. One of our favorites is ELI5 (explain it like I’m five [years old]) which is an internet born technique of breaking down complex subject matter and simplifying it as much as possible. This method is particularly useful on subjects that have a large amount of terminology or jargon such as finance.

These are a few of the styles of learning we are catering to:

  • Audio – We have a podcast that breaks down subject matter for those who learn best through an audio lecture. Great for car rides, learning while at the gym, walking your dog, or relaxing at home.
  • Written – For those that prefer to read what they are learning about we have created dynamic websites that provide visuals, infographics, and thoughtful explanation in a stylistic way.
  • Visual Storytelling (future feature) – We have created a universe and storyline that has a great cast of characters. When we have enough funding to do so, we would like to have short animated episodes that cover the subject matter we are teaching.
  • Interactive Games (future feature) – Who doesn’t love a good game? Even better if you take something life changing away from it, right? Being gamers ourselves it is something we would love to bring to the world. Sometimes you must go where the attention is to impact people.

What are these “Seasons” mentioned by Quit Rich?

Seasons are what we label our batches of content. We have created a story telling experience to engage our audience using original characters and story telling elements which place the user as the main protagonist. It is intentionally breaking the 4th wall of story telling to place the user in the position to be their own hero. While we can offer education to help benefit a person’s life, it is solely up to them on what they choose to do with that information. Currently this is the breakdown of our content Seasons:Happy Quit Rich Piggy Bank

  • Season One – This season is centered around introducing our audience to the cast of Quit Rich and the user as the hero of our narrative. It features an interactive habit calculator which uses a compound interest formula to showcase how much the user is spending on their habits.
    • The story begins with introducing the user to their piggy bank. This piggy bank is brought to life and warns of a group of villains that are set out to break every piggy bank in the world. These villains each represent an industry that profits off people’s addictions. As the user is introduced to a villain they are asked if and how much they spend on the habit that villain represents. Throughout the experience the data provided by the user is sent to a compound interest calculation which applies financial education to the habit and displays how much the user could be monetarily losing to these habits.
    • We have used addiction as a catalyst to get people to understand why it is so important to know finance and how the economy works as well helping people become more conscience consumers. It is our estimation that most children will likely turn down addictive habits when they discover it will cost them millions of dollars.

View the Quit Rich Season One content here. (launching soon!)

  • Season Two (in development) – This season will be focused on a school the awakened piggy banks of the world have built to teach financial education. Here people can learn how the economy works, how to participate, and what we can do differently to create a world with financial equality for everyone. We have a kickstarter planned for this Season to help us make the best content possible. The better the crowd sourcing response the better we can produce this season!


  • Season Three (in development) – It’s a secret, stay tuned!

How do we make money as a business if we give our content away for free?

  1. We sell merchandise through our online store QR Clothing Brand – SHOP HERE
  2. Affiliate programs when we refer others to the fulfillment company that we started our clothing brand with. – LEARN MORE
  3. Listener Support funding through Anchor, our podcast creation platform – SPONSOR US HERE
  4. Sponsorship through our Podcasting
  5. Crowd Sourcing our expansion projects each season – SEE OUR LATEST CROWD SOURCE PROJECT
  6. Patreon supporters who wish to see the behind the scenes magic and get special interviews and vlogs. – BECOME A PATRON
  7. Advertising on our YouTube and Facebook videos. – SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE
  8. Donations from people who want to put Quit Rich in the hands of as many people as possible to help our mission in ending poverty. – MAKE A DONATION HERE

What is QR Clothing Brand?

Quit Rich Season Zero Backpack

This is our clothing brand that uses QR codes as a marketing strategy. These codes can be scanned by using a smart phone app and many major brands such as Apple and Google have already incorporated a QR code scanner in their camera apps. Once scanned, the code will lead a person to the latest “season” of Quit Rich content. Seasons are considered expansions of the content we are building with the current season being a Habit Calculator and the following season being an online teaching platform for finance.

We chose to have a clothing brand for a few reasons. First, we don’t want to charge for bringing financial education to the masses. It should be a human right to know how your country’s economy works so that you may participate in its growth rather than just fund it while wealthy citizens benefit from the growth. In order to grow and expand what we can bring to the world we had to come up with a way to be profitable. Accepting donations is helpful but wasn’t something we could count on. We ran into the issue of labeling Quit Rich as Free Financial Education, but people are always looking for a catch when they hear “Free” on anything and internally pass a judgment based on previous experiences with “Free” things. So, we decided to sell clothing.

It fit well because most brands that are worn are more of a statement that tells where a person stands in society but rarely tell what a person believes in or supports on a worldview level. We wanted to start a movement and since we’re selling clothes, we can say people “Wear the Movement” when they’re out and about moving around.

On a marketing level, not only does the merchandise make a worldview statement but it is a constant gateway to the free content we put out by using the QR codes on the items themselves. If somebody wants to spread the word, they can have conversations with people around them and then point to the code and say, “See for yourself!”

Part of our goal is to offer an alternative to traditional ways of going about things regarding business, marketing, and value. We want to be an example of a business that partners up with its employees and does profit sharing with talented individuals out there pursuing their dreams which is why we have created a Designer and Artist Collaboration effort to help us design our clothing. We profit share with the artists as well as designers at the same time give them an opportunity to get their style and name out into the world through exposure.

Lastly, QR is our initials so it only felt right to utilize QR Codes in some way.


What is Quit Rich Mentoring?

This is where we teach people how to make money as an entrepreneur using the wonderful resources that the internet brings. For example, not only do we want to partner up with artist to profit-share and create designs for Quit Rich, but we want to see the artist establish their own brand, so they can make a living doing what they love to do: art. To do this we point them to the company we use to create, sell, and distribute our clothing and help them get exposure by showcasing their styles of our Original Characters on QR Clothing. In short, we sell fan-art and point customers to check out the brand/stores of the artist collaborators they like most.

It doesn’t stop there, that is just one of several mentoring and affiliate programs we are going to be offering to those who want to build a business around their talents. Clothing, music, podcasting, video streaming, and art are some of the mentoring programs we will be offering.

Randolph Tolson

Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of Quit Rich

There are several reasons why this website exists. I’ve created the Quit Rich project for all of those people, who like me, were never told how to build wealth. From this point forward our families will no longer be under educated in the world of investing. We will no longer suffer such large blows from inflation. My aim is to awaken the mind of the consumer and help them be conscious of the products they support as well as the value in having restraint.

Our grandchildren will never know a world without public financial knowledge, explained in a simplified way, for all to take to advantage of. I hope you can help me make this project become wide spread enough to include our children in that world as well. Please bring this conversation up with everyone you meet. Dinner conversations, parties, holiday gatherings, etc. anywhere you can bring it up. Lets get the word out!

We have many vices and habits that can be very unhealthy for us. Among the many reasons for us to gain control over our habits there has been one major point missing: the value of money when compound interest is applied. We’re told of the total costs of products but with lack of financial wisdom we have no idea that we’re letting go of millions of dollars. I’d even imagine that a lot of habits stick around because of people assuming that their financial problems will never change for them. With Quit Rich I plan to give all addicts and non-addicts alike, all the possible leverage against addiction as possible, including the potential to build a great amount of wealth.