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What is Quit Rich?

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Randolph Tolson

Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of Quit Rich

There are several reasons why this website exists. I’ve created the Quit Rich project for all of those people, who like me, were never told how to build wealth. From this point forward our families will no longer be under educated in the world of investing. We will no longer suffer such large blows from inflation. My aim is to awaken the mind of the consumer and help them be conscious of the products they support as well as the value in having restraint.

Our grandchildren will never know a world without public financial knowledge, explained in a simplified way, for all to take to advantage of. I hope you can help me make this project become wide spread enough to include our children in that world as well. Please bring this conversation up with everyone you meet. Dinner conversations, parties, holiday gatherings, etc. anywhere you can bring it up. Lets get the word out!

We have many vices and habits that can be very unhealthy for us. Among the many reasons for us to gain control over our habits there has been one major point missing: the value of money when compound interest is applied. We’re told of the total costs of products but with lack of financial wisdom we have no idea that we’re letting go of millions of dollars. I’d even imagine that a lot of habits stick around because of people assuming that their financial problems will never change for them. With Quit Rich I plan to give all addicts and non-addicts alike, all the possible leverage against addiction as possible, including the potential to build a great amount of wealth.